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Head of the
Polymer Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry
Lab Manager
Ben Gridley

Post Doctoral

PDRA no picture yet


Dr. Remzi Becer
  Dr. Armando Neto   Dr. Gokhan Yilmaz Dr. Excellent Chemist
PhD Students MartinGibbs Renjie Liu no picture yet no picture yet no picture yet

Resat Aksakal
Year 4 - PhD

Martin Gibbs
Year 3 - PhD
Renjie Liu (Jackie)
Year 3 - PhD
Dominic Collis
Year 3 - PhD
Tian Sang
Year 3 - PhD
Norlaily Ahmad
Year 3 - PhD
PhD Students no picture yet no picture yet no picture yet no picture yet no picture yet no picture yet
  Elham Radvar
Year 3 - PhD
Manuel Hartweg
Year 3 - PhD
Suzan Aksakal
Year 3 - PhD

Yamin Abdouni
Year 2 - PhD

Valentin Beyer
Year 2 - PhD

Frederico Gomes
Year 4 - PhD

PhD Students no picture yet no picture yet no picture yet
  Martina Pinto
Year 4 - PhD
Tieshuai Zhao
Year 1 - PhD
Ben Drain
Year 1 - PhD
Masters &
BEng Students
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  Ria Mehra

Former Group


    Xiarui Yao
MEng 2017
Katie Lam
BEng 2017
Usamah Hanif
BEng 2017
Ben Gridley
Lab Technician 2016
Cigdem Tasdelen
PDRA - 2016
  Denis La Tegola
BEng 2016
Candice Kyle
BEng 2016
Edward Malins
PhD#1 2015
Ang Dai
MRes#12 2015
Si Li
MSc#11 2015
David Marschner
Visiting MSc 2015
no picture yet no picture yet
  Bin Feng
MSc#10 2014
Han Fan
MSc#9 2014
Nese Cakir
Visiting PhD 2014
Esra Aydinlioglu
Visiting MSc 2014
Beatrice Ma
MChem#8 2012
Tabitha Mohanarajah
MChem#7 2012
  Furkan Isikgor
Visiting MSc 2012
Silvia Amabilino
Summer Intern 2012
Xiujuan Shi
Visiting PhD 2012
Sema Alli
Visiting PhD 2012
Abdulkadir Alli
Visiting Academic
Robert Young
MChem#6 2011
no picture yet
  Farah Khan
MChem#5 2011
Chris Wootton
MChem#4 2011
Sarah Crotty
MSc#3 2011
Alexander Simula
MSc#2 2011
Lenny Voorhaar
MSc#1 2010
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Dr. Remzi Becer, School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary, University of London, E1 4NS, London, UK                           +44 20 7882 6534